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Bulk Essential OIls

Nowadays, almost every person uses essential oils. It has lots of benefits. Essential oils are concentrated hydrophobic liquid. The oil comes in various flavors. The Bulk Essential Oils are orange, peppermint, lemon, marjoram, etc. It is not only good for your health but also for your hair. One can use it any time of the day. We will discuss many things about the oils and the essential oils distributors.
You can find many of pure essential oils in wholesale for commercial and personal uses as we are now offering pure essential oil wholesale when ordered in bulk. Currently we offer packages of 5ML, 15ML 100 grams, 1 Kg, 5 Kgs, 10 Kgs & 25 Kgs so that you can order them as per your requirement.

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Essential oils can be sold in shops, at craft fairs, market stalls, product theme nights and as an extra item after having therapy treatments.

We have calculated the average sales for a small shop and market stall which should expect a turnover increase of $8000 per year and earn a profit of $4000. This could be more if you have a larger high street shop which can command a slightly higher RRP.

Wholesale prices are offered as per quantity and order value.

Indian customers: Postage is charged at cost price and will be sent via India Post courier.

International customers: Please choose DHL price from Indian to your country as per required weight. This is charged based on weight. It's exactly what we get charged, we make no money from postage.

Yes, you can and will find an increase in sales by selling the essential oils on your website. Our glass bottles fit large letter in a brown padded envelope, they can be posted at economical large letter rates. We grant you rights to sell the oils at any location and on your 'own' website and Facebook page, but not any other site (i.e. Amazon, Etsy or eBay). You are not allowed to establish sub wholesale contracts with our products. Please contact us if you know of someone wanting a large stock of oils, or you know of a contract available. We will pay you a good commission for any successful leads.

You just need to share your requirements, we will send you complete quotation. Once you final the order, need to transfer online payment. Once we receive your payment we will process your order in maximum 5 days.

Yes, we can. All products we offer at wholesale rates can be found once you are a setup with a wholesale account. You will need oil proof labels printing as Eucalyptus and some other oils can make the ink on unprotected labels run. We can discuss labelling with you. Please specify that you don’t need labels in an email to us. You must order in multiples of 20 of each oil. As they will be made specially and will be boxed into sets of 20 with the label on the box so you can identify each oil. If you want us to create your own oil proof labels then we can print them at a small additional charge.

You can return any item to us, unopened and within 15 days, for whatever reason, for a full refund of the item. Please contact us if you need to return something and we can arrange the return.

What is an essential oil?

Essential oils are the materials that we extract from plants. We can obtain essential oils through distillation or mechanical methods.

This oil is mainly used in the practice of aromatherapy. One can inhale the oil in various methods. There are lots of controversies related to this oil. However, the essential oils which we obtain from chemical processes are not considered to be perfect essential oils.

Benefits of essential oils

Essential oils play a great role in the health benefits. Those are stated below.

Insomnia: Essential oil is a great remedy for insomnia. The researchers claimed that if we sprinkle the oil on the pillow cover, then the smell will help you to feel sleepy.

Skin rashes: Many people didn't get proper remedies even after using costly creams. So, you can try the essential oil for skin rashes. It smoothes your skin. However, never apply concentrated essential oil to your skin, it causes inflammation. Mix the oil with water and then apply.

Relief from anxiety: Almost every person suffers from tensions, anxiety, and depressions. Applying essential oil on your skin and hair with help you to forget all the worries in your life.

Where to buy essential oils?

If you are looking to purchase Essential Oils Wholesale then follow us. We are going to answer your query about where to buy essential oils.

You can find many sellers for bulk essential oils online, however most of them don't sell pure essential oils. It is difficult and expensive to manufacture pure essential oils, and many manufacturers sell diluted or synthetic essential oils. Herbsflora owns its own distillation plant for pure essential oils. We have a highly trained technical staff and lab for quality check and assurance. Because of directly manufacturing the oils and not buying from others, we are able to offer the cheapest and best prices to you. Other manufacturers and suppliers dilute their essential oils with cheaper Carrier Oils to make bigger profits. However if you really want to get the benefits of these aromatherapy oils for your skin, hair and body, it is important to buy only pure natural oils. If you buy cheap essential oils which are diluted or synthetic, then you will not be able to get the full benefits. 

What are the things you care to purchase an essential oil?

Purchasing an essential oil seems to purchase a diamond. Here are the following things which you need to consider to spot the fake one. If you are looking to purchase pure essential oil wholesale, then follow.

     Verify the source: You should look at the origin of the oil. If you are purchasing the oil from any website, then you should look at the product page.

     The word "fragrance": You should focus on the word “fragrance". If there is no Latin name written, it is a false essential oil.

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