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Herbal Onion Shampoo For Hair Fall Control (200 ML)

Herbal Onion Shampoo For Hair Fall Control (200 ML)
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Herbal Onion Shampoo For Hair Fall Control (200 ML)

Onion Shampoo

Falling of hair is not a new thing nowadays, it has become so common that every fourth man is suffering from hair fall. This is due to increase in Pollution and the change in the food amongst all. The hairs are not getting enough nutrients which are causing them to fall. Everyone needs long, healthy and strong hairs with full density but why are we not getting it.

The hair is made up of keratin. The sulfur helps the hair to be connected to its root. The hair fall is faced commonly by both men and women. To stop hair fall onion can play an important role and that onion is the red onion. Red onion is the source from which you can get sulfur for your hair. For strong hair, you need to have the keratin full of sulfur, which red onion can provide you. Most of the people use onion oil to stop hair fall. The sulfur present in the red onion helps in collagen production. Collagen helps in proving healthy cells for hair growth to the hair.

Are you tired of using all the shampoos which claim to give you the best results but end up damaging it even more? Other Onion Shampoo is made up of the chemical base, but herbal Flora red onion shampoo is here for your rescue. Its cruelty-free formula and natural ingredients will give the hair results you always expecting. It’s the best onion shampoo as it fights all hair problems.

Ingredients of Onion Shampoo

Purified Water, Onion Extract, Amla Extract, Reetha Extract, Aloe vera Extract, Fenugreek Extract, Rose extract, Onion Oil, SLS and Paraben Free Shampoo Base

Benefits of Onion Shampoo

You may enjoy several benefits after using this product. Some significant benefits of the shampoo are detailed below:

Reverse graying of hair: No peer-reviewed evidence exists on the concept of onions reversing the process of graying hair. However, a lot of home remedies promise onion extract can help reduce gray hairs.

The idea behind these home remedies is that onions contain an antioxidant compound called catalase that helps reduce hydrogen peroxide at the hair roots. This is thought to keep the hair from turning gray.

Moisturize and revitalize dry, brittle hair: Onions contain many compounds that may help to enhance dry, damaged hair.

Calm a dry, itchy scalp: Onion’s anti-inflammatory properties may help soothe an itchy scalp. You can also combine onion extract with other natural ingredients to calm your scalp.

Treat alopecia: Alopecia areata is a hair condition that causes hair loss in patches. A 2014 studyTrusted Source of 38 people tested the effectiveness of using onion juice to treat alopecia. The researchers had one group of people apply onion juice to their scalp twice a day, while a control group applied tap water. After 6 weeks, 86.9 percent of those who applied onion juice noticed more hair growth. Only 13 percent of the tap water group noted hair growth. The researchers concluded onion can be a good alopecia treatment.

Get rid of dandruff: Onion shampoo has antimicrobial and antifungal properties, which is why some natural health experts advocate for it as an infection treatment.

Many people experience dandruff due to a fungus called Malassezia furfur, so onion’s antifungal properties could definitely come in handy as a dandruff fighter.

Because there isn’t a lot of research on onion as a dandruff fighter, though, it’s not really a first-line treatment for moderate to severe dandruff. If you have the occasional flakes, however, you could try onion shampoo to your scalp.

Why Should You Use Onion Shampoo?

Almost all of us face various hair related issues in our lives. Dandruff, hair loss, hair thinning, miserable scalp, irregular hair growth, are some of the significant problems faced by the people. These problems occur due to the harmful pollutants and dust which are present in the air. Hair damage issues can be genetic, as well. An unhealthy lifestyle can also contribute to specific hair problems.

The kind of shampoos which are present in the market have many artificial chemical ingredients that can damage your scalp. The chemical penetrates the scalp and reduces the growth of hair. It is the reason why you need a product which is made up of natural ingredients.

The Herbs Flora onion shampoo is made in such a way that it can serve as a remedy for a lot of significant hair issues. The shampoo helps in preventing hair loss by strengthing the pores of your scalp.

The onion hair shampoo can be used by any person, irrespective of age and gender. As it has natural ingredients, you can use it on almost any scalp. The shampoo makes your hair silky and shiny. It not only prevents hair loss but also boosts up the hair growth. 

The onion seed which is there in the shampoo acts as an antioxidant. This antioxidant is what helps in fighting the dust pollutants which have settled in the pores of the scalp. The shampoo also acts as a barrier for dandruff. 

Safety instructions for using the Herbs Flora Red Onion shampoo

This product is made of 100% natural products and is safe for use. It is suitable for all hair types and safe for color-treated hair. AS there are no added preservatives and chemicals in the product, you can use it without any hassle. 

If you are a beginner, then you can undertake a patch test for your surety. If the shampoo causes itching or rashes, then you must visit the doctor. This shampoo is suitable for both men and women.

Best Way of How to Use Hair Shampoo

  • Thoroughly wet your hair.
  • Lather a quarter size amount of Herbs Flora Shampoo in your palms and then work into your roots. You don't need to shampoo the tips of your hair.
  • Rinse out all of the shampoo.
  • Apply Herbs Flora hair conditioner, concentrating on the ends.
  • Rinse with cold water.

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