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Pure and Natural Rose Petals Powder Skin (100 GM)

Pure and Natural Rose Petals Powder Skin (100 GM)
Pure and Natural Rose Petals Powder Skin (100 GM)
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Pure and Natural Rose Petals Powder Skin (100 GM)
Pure and Natural Rose Petals Powder Skin (100 GM)
Pure and Natural Rose Petals Powder Skin (100 GM)

Herbs Flora Natural Rose Petals Powder are preserved and dried because of the use in decorative applications. They are not only used for skin care but in addition can be inserted in soaps, hair care products, make-up goods, along with other decorative products.These dried rose petals are preserved naturally without using any synthetic preservatives and chemicals. Therefore, it does not have any side effects and is completely safe for regular use.It is used in lotions and creams because of its cooling and soothing properties. You might even utilize these rose petals for producing DIY natural aromas and deodorants. It can also be one of the primary cosmetic ingredients in human body scrubs and face masks due to its mild exfoliating properties. You may even add these petals to the vital oils (after diluting them) for massage purposes. For that reason, it turns out to be a multipurpose product which may be integrated to your skin and hair care regime. The highest standards of purity and safety are all employed to supply the very best quality rose petals to our clients. It's the refreshing and invigorating aroma of rose petals and the petals have a dark reddish color.

Rose Petals Benefits 

Improve Look: Rose petals are used by women to improve the attractiveness of the skin and face as time immemorial. The use of those dyes in lotions, lotions, moisturizers, etc. will make your skin supple and soft.

Boost Face Glow: Additionally, a observable pinkish glow will make your face look more beautiful after the normal use of the item. It's acceptable for all skin tones and types.

Massage and Aromatherapy: Thus, you may make use of these petals for massage and aromatherapy functions since it will cause you to feel merry and revitalized after a boring and exhausting day.

Improve Sun Dullness: Since these petals are full of vitamin C, you might even use it for producing DIY sunscreens as the existence of vitamin C which makes them effective at blocking damaging sun rays.

Skin Moisturizer: The organic oils which are found in these petals maintain the moisture on skin cells for quite a while.

Relief from irritation and roughness: Individuals who have dry skin may use it in order to find relief from irritation and roughness of epidermis. These petals are added into the products which are created for curing skin problems like eczema and psoriasis.

Relief from stress or anxiety: If you're experiencing stress or anxiety then it's possible to add these petals on your tub and revel in a relaxing hot bath. It is possible to make a paste of increased water with lemon juice or warm water and use it to the scalp to cure itchy skin.

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