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Natural Henna (Mehandi) Powder for Hair (200 GM)

Natural Henna (Mehandi) Powder for Hair (200 GM)
Natural Henna (Mehandi) Powder for Hair (200 GM)
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Natural Henna (Mehandi) Powder for Hair (200 GM)
Natural Henna (Mehandi) Powder for Hair (200 GM)
Natural Henna (Mehandi) Powder for Hair (200 GM)

Herbs Flora Herbal Heena Powder is 100% pure and organic Mehandi Powder that's free of substances and additional scents, additives, and artificial colors. Organic Heena powder is produced of the leaves of Henna and is well known for its normal coloring properties.

But, in addition, it possesses strong anti-inflammatory properties that make it perfect for curing skin tender, vulnerable, and chapped skin. This item is offered in a good powdered form and contains a mild greenish-brown color.

It's also referred to as Mehendi powder in Indian families and is traditionally used for outside purposes only. It's possible to add it straight to your skin shampoos and conditioners but keep in mind it is going to color your hair too.

Thus, people who don't mean to colour their hair may prevent adding it to their own hair care solutions. Pregnant women and individuals suffering from skin allergies will need to visit a physician prior to using this powder.

Benefits of Heena Powder

Rid of Dandruff: Henna powder may be utilized to decrease dandruff and it also reduces problems such as itching and irritation of the scalp. In addition, it can be used to fortify your hair since it conditions your hair naturally and improves the general health of your hair follicles by strengthening their own roots.

Natural Hair Color: It is possible to use it like a natural coloring or perishing agent for your hair. You may even mix it with indigo powder to get long-lasting and better results.

Used for Hair Thickness: Henna powder may be used to thicken your hair as it promotes quick hair growth. Therefore, it proves to be an effective ingredient in hair care products as well.

Since it does not include any artificial and synthetic additives, it doesn't damage your hair in any manner even if you use it regularly. Moreover, the highest standards of purity, quality, and safety are utilized to ensure that the best quality merchandise reaches your doorstep.

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